In Kontakt, clic on the top-left logo :

kontakt version

You’ll see a splash screen with your current version of Kontakt (Player, 5 or 6).

kontakt version check

Unfortunately you won’t be able to use Le Skank if you have the Player version.

You want to learn more about Kontakt ? Take a look here.

If you’re facing problem with your version of Kontakt, you could find an answer on their support page.

List of Frequently asked questions

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Installation / Product Use

You got 2 folders containing the Instrument : ‘Le Skank – K6 for the Kontakt 6 version and Le Skank – K5 for the Kontakt 5 version. In each one you’ll find a folder named ‘Snapshots‘ which contains the presets and a folder named ‘ir samples‘ in which you can copy your own Impulse Response samples.

Simply unzip the downloaded file and copy Le Skank folder (depending on your version of Kontakt) in your instrument library. Take a look at the User Guide or watch this video.

Clic on the Floppy Disk icon on top of Kontakt’s interface and clic ‘Load’ : you’ll be promped to select Le Skank Instrument file. OR you can load it in the ‘File’ tab in Kontakt’s browser. OR you can drag and drop the ‘Le Skank.nki‘ file in the Kontakt window.

Keys from C1 to B1 : play chords.

White keys from C0 to F0 : Articulation Keyswitches.

Black Keys from C#0 to F#0 : play Send FX.

Notes from C2 to D#2 can be assigned to anything. Useful if you use a pad controller.

Check the User Guide for more details.

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