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  • Dub Stage Piano

    Load, Play, Dub
    dub spl-4 front interface
    • Bright, Modern, Free
    • Essential Shaping tools
    • Tweakable Envelope and Low-Pass Filter
    • Built-In Effects Suite
    • Old School Module Design
    Inspired by classic keyboard modules, this plugin has been meticulously crafted to give Reggae an Dub producers THE keyboard they were missing.

    But don't feel left aside, it will be your piano of choice whether you're producing HipHop, Electro, House, Rock, Pop and more.
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  • Dub SPL-4

    Split, Tweak, Enhance
    dub spl-4 front interface
    • Multiband Splitting
    • Adaptive Filters
    • Versatile Use
    • Studio & Live Application
    • Superior Sound Sculpting
    Transform your sound and your instruments with the Dub SPL-4, our state-of-the-art audio multiband splitter.

    Whether you're a sound designer looking for a different way of shaping your sound, or a live player looking for a way of adding movement to your track, the versatility of the SPL-4 will ensure a unique and dynamic sound experience.
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