Dub SPL-4

Discover the versatility of the Dub SPL-4 Audio Multiband Splitter.

Breathe new life into a drum bus, or add an extra dimension to a keyboard performance.
Utilize it as a multi-band EQ or focus on the prowess of its distinctive filters - the choice is yours, and the possibilities are endless.

With the Dub SPL-4 audio multiband splitter, the power to craft the perfect sound is in your hands.

An essential tool to shape your instruments or your master track.

Multi-band splitter Dub SPL-4 interface
Audio Units
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Dub SPL-4 interface detail
Dub SPL-4 interface detail

Superior Sound Sculpting

Transform your sound and your instruments with the Dub SPL-4, our state-of-the-art audio multiband splitter.

Whether you’re a sound designer looking for a different way of shaping your sound, or a live player looking for a way of adding movement to your track, the versatility of the SPL-4 will ensure a unique and dynamic sound experience.

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