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Welcome to SoundFingers, where innovation meets inspiration.

Our audio plugins are meticulously crafted to offer you unparalleled quality, ease of use, and innovation. Whether you’re a musician or a producer, our goal is to provide you with unique tools that make your creative process more inspiring.

Dive in and discover the SoundFingers difference—you won’t just hear it, you’ll feel it.

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BassTone X

Deepest. Bass. Sound.

Le Skank

The Only Reggae Guitar Chords Player

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Heritage Organ

Synthetic Universal Organ

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What people say
Great sounding, versatile and precise instrument for a great price!
BassTone X
Marcel Zigerlig
Heritage Organ
This is a really well constructed plugin, with a wide range of preset sounds, covering a wide range of genres. The reggae ones are especially good. You can have hours of fun just jamming through your favourite delay plugin(s)
Carl Caulkett
Heritage Organ
A quick go-to for Reggae and Dub bass, but not just. There are so many well designed presets useful for many modern genres and they are so easy to flip through, it makes the process of finding the right sound easy and fun. I'm particularly impressed with the effects and sculpting capabilities. More importantly the price point makes this a must have in my opinion.
BassTone X
The price is Nice .... but the main thing is that it's really usable. Have many alternatives but the leightweight of soundfingers PLUGS are definitly the big PLUS here! Mostly use the 'Le Skank' to start with, the bass plus gives good options so also been used often.
BassTone X
I can see myself using this bass plugin on a lot of tracks. The ability to mix bass guitar and synth/sub sounds together with ease is brilliant. Overall, this plugin does a great job of its one purpose: bass. The guitar samples could be even better with a brighter set among the selections. There are a few pitches that have higher resonance that others, but I've been able to compensate for this using a compressor/limiter. I look forward to adding this sound to some upcoming songs.
Stanley Stewart
BassTone X
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