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The Skank

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The first skank player in the world is here ! The Skank is a powerful Kontakt Instrument designed to bring you the real sound of Reggae Dub guitars. Featuring multi-sampled guitar chords plus a unique skankin’ engine specially created to give you maximum flexibility. Providing authentic sound & versatility, easily playable, don’t wait to skank your productions up !

  • Powerful guitar skank designer
  • Chord player engine
  • Switchable Keyswitches for pad controllers
  • X samples
  • X GB of samples (uncompressed)
  • X Snapshots
  • Powered by Kontakt 6 VST (Kontakt 5 version available)

listen to the demos*

*All the skanks you hear come from Kontakt. No 3rd party plugins used.


  • A Complete & Powerful Skank Engine
  • Powered by Kontakt 6 VST
  • Kontakt 5 version available
  • X guitar sampled chords
  • X Snapshots
  • Perfect for Reggae & Dub Producers
  • Midi Learn
  • You can import your own IR Samples for Cabs & reverbs
  • 2 guitar pickups, & more to come
  • Unique Chord Player Engine 
  • Easy Keyswitches on keyboard AND on pad controllers
  • Envelope Shaping : from Muted to Long Skanks
  • Kontakt Amp & Cabs
  • Filters – BP, HP, LP
  • 4 insert effects – Saturation, Transient Master, Chorus & Phazer
  • 2 Delay lines
  • 4 Reverb Types : Room, Hall, Plate & Convolution
  • The only Guitar Skank you’ll ever need
  • Use Standalone or with popular DAWs -Ableton, Cubase, Logic, etc…
  • Virtual Instrument : VST, AU, AAX Plugin


You’re finishing your last Reggae song and looking for that touch ? You have that awesome Dub Bass but nothing to put on top of it ? Look no further, The Skank is made for you. It takes that crips guitar sound and adds great setup possibilities. You can go from old-school Reggae & Ska Music to the Sound of Modern Dub & Electro. It works great with HipHop & Trap too.

For Instant Grooving. Skank it Yourself. Dub it Yourself.


guitar section

Begin to craft your sound by selecting the type of pickup for your guitar (there are more to come !).

Really simple, you have acces to the 2 most well-known pickups ever : Single Coils & Humbuckers. Next you have to select which pickup you want to use : Neck, Middle or Bridge pickup. And finally, if needed you can adjust the tone knob of your guitar.

amp & cab

Adjust the envelope to match your kind of skank : Short, Long or somewhere in between ! Know that to get the most out of The Skank, you have 2 Keyswitches with built-in parameters of Muted and Looong Chords.
Then you have to dial in Kontakt’s Twang Amp and choose your cabinet.
You have 8 Kontakt Cabinets, PLUS you can load your own Impulse Responses !
You can of course bypass Amp & Cabs if you prefer to use another Amp Sim. Or not.

filter & fx rack

Nothing strange here. You can choose between several HP / BP / LP filters with envelope & LFO modulation.

The Kontakt 6 version of The Skank takes advantage of the newly integrated NI FXs.

Saturate your Guitar and handle the dynamics with the Transien Master processor. Modulate your sound with Kontakt’s Choral & Phasis. Space it up with 2 Delay lines and Room, Hall, Plate or convolution Reverb. Did I tell you that you can add your own IR Reverb Samples ?

play it live

The power of the Chord Player at the tip of your fingers : there are keyswitches for each option :

  • Major & Minor Chords
  • Alternative, to play another chord position on the Neck
  • Muted or Long Chords.

The Skank features a unique way of skanking to match the way a real guitarist would strum his guitar :
When you press a key, you strum the guitar down.
When you release the key, you strum the guitar up.

You can play straight down chords or upstrikes Ska chops. You can play downstrokes followed by upstrokes and there also is a special setup to play Up-Down-Up rythms.
You can mix and/or switch chords and strumming techniques with keyswitches.

And finally there is one more option: while you can use the KS from C0 to F0 on your keyboard, you also have the possibility to assign custom KS to notes from C2 to D#2, to use them with pads controllers (i.e. Maschine controller).

the skank

dub it yourself


  • Powered by the Kontakt Engine
  • Kontakt 5 (Full) ver or higher
  • Minimum System Requirements :
    • Mac: OS X 10.10, Intel Core Duo, 4 GB RAM
    • PC: Windows 7 (latest Service Pack, 32/64 Bit, Inteo Core Duo or AMD Athlon 64, 2GB RAM
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