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SoundFingers Plugins Are Unique
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How long have you been searching for plugins designed for Reggae and Dub Music ?
Stop looking, your quest ends here – we’ve got exactly what you need.

And if you’re into producing other genres, don’t feel left out!

Check out our simple and effective plugins to add an original touch to your tracks. Each of them has that special something that you won’t find anywhere else.

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Tutorial : Design Authentic Reggae & Dub Bass

Reggae and Dub music are renowned for their distinctive basslines – a fusion of rhythm and melody that creates a hypnotic groove. In this article, we break down the secrets to crafting these iconic basslines.

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Free Plugin : Dub Stage Piano

A new plugin has been released! The Dub Stage Piano is free for all members of SoundFingers’ Community.

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basstone X interface card format
Deepest. Bass. Sound.

BassTone X

Le skank interface card format
The Only Reggae Guitar Chords Player

Le Skank

Full Bundle presentation card format
Get them all !

Full Bundle

Heritage Organ interface card format
Synthetic Universal Organ

Heritage Organ



No strings attached

Dub Stage Piano interface card format
Special Dub Piano Module

Dub Stage Piano

Dub SPL-4 interface card format
An essential tool to shape your instruments or your master track.

Dub SPL-4

What People Say

One of my favorites bass plugin, shaped for the reggae world !
BassTone X
Heritage is refreshingly different, but it has a surprisingly wide palette of tone colours thanks to its rather quirky set of controls.
You won’t find a set of drawbars here, but there are plenty of B3 clones around.
Instead, Heritage encourages exploration and whatever you do (almost) you’ll come up with something useful and inspiring.
Joachim Smith
Heritage Organ
Heritage Organ in my opinion is a truly versatile organ plugin that will cater for any genre you may throw at it.
I will add further that Soundfingers suite of instruments and plugins are an essential ‘go-to’ ensemble of Reggae based software that will get your project up and running with relative, intuitive and tactile ease.

Keep up the good works Matt
Highly recommended

Lloyd Brown,
Riddimworks Productions
Lloyd Brown
Heritage Organ
Le Skank will give you Reggae chops for days.
The numerous settings/parameters included can and does refine you sounds in a plethora of ways.
I do like the sound and the other options available on Le Skank very much.
An ideal addition to your guitar plugin collection.

Lloyd Brown
Riddimworks Productions
Lloyd Brown
Le Skank
Chilly Lion
Heritage Organ
Erroll Brice
Heritage Organ
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