Unlock the Depths of Bass

Craving that deep, punchy bass?

 From classic bass guitar vibes to futuristic synth tones, BassTone X has got you covered. 

Why settle for less when you can have the best of both worlds?

Discover BassTone X
BassTone X plugin interface featuring controls for blending classic bass guitar and synthetic bass sounds.

Strum the Soul of Reggae

Ever wanted to effortlessly create authentic reggae guitar chords?

Le Skank is your go-to.

From old-school skanks to modern dub stabs, we make reggae easy.

Discover Le Skank
Le Skank plugin interface with easy-to-use controls for designing and playing reggae guitar chords.

Redefine Your Organ Experience

Say goodbye to complicated organ emulations.

Heritage Organ offers a simpler, yet expansive way to design your organ sounds.

One plugin, endless possibilities.

Discover Heritage Organ
Heritage Organ plugin interface with simple controls for crafting a wide range of organ tones.

About Us

What we do

Welcome to SoundFingers, where innovation meets inspiration.

Our audio plugins are meticulously crafted to offer you unparalleled quality, ease of use, and innovation. Whether you’re a musician or a producer, our goal is to provide you with unique tools that make your creative process more inspiring.

Dive in and discover the SoundFingers difference—you won’t just hear it, you’ll feel it.

Featured Products

What we offer

BassTone X

Deepest. Bass. Sound.

Le Skank

The Only Reggae Guitar Chords Player
Le Skank global interface

Full Bundle

Get them all !
Full bundle presentation showing each user interface

Heritage Organ

Synthetic Universal Organ
Heritage Organ global interface

Customers Reviews

What people say
Invaluable for my Reggae Productions Great Presets to start the ball rolling After I Play Live Guitar I always leave this in to add some more depth Well Done SoundFingers & Matt
Le Skank
[French Review]
Un plugin à la fois simple et complet pour créer des basses profondes et variées. Parfait pour du reggae / dub mais de nombreux usages sont possibles. Les effets embarqués sont très utiles pour personnaliser le son sans devoir utiliser des plugins externes.

[English Translation : A plugin that is both simple and complete to create deep and varied bass. Perfect for reggae / dub but many uses are possible. The onboard effects are very useful for customizing the sound without having to use external plugins.]
BassTone X
Erroll Brice
Heritage Organ
A quick go-to for Reggae and Dub bass, but not just. There are so many well designed presets useful for many modern genres and they are so easy to flip through, it makes the process of finding the right sound easy and fun. I'm particularly impressed with the effects and sculpting capabilities. More importantly the price point makes this a must have in my opinion.
BassTone X
Heritage Organ in my opinion is a truly versatile organ plugin that will cater for any genre you may throw at it.
I will add further that Soundfingers suite of instruments and plugins are an essential ‘go-to’ ensemble of Reggae based software that will get your project up and running with relative, intuitive and tactile ease.

Keep up the good works Matt
Highly recommended

Lloyd Brown,
Riddimworks Productions
Lloyd Brown
Heritage Organ
All Matt’s instruments sound just how you want them to, are great value, and the variations inside each are all wide-ranging and usable. I am really exited about where the next developments will go. Thank you Matt
Neil Bloomer
Heritage Organ
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