Le Skank – Reggae Guitar Chords

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Le Skank is a powerful Reggae & Dub Guitar Chord Instrument.

Plugin formats : VST3 (Win) – VST3/AU (MacOs)


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Le Skank is a Reggae Guitar Chord player plugin, designed to bring you the real sound of a Reggae Rhythm Guitar. Featuring multi-sampled guitar chords plus a unique skankin’ engine specially created to give you maximum flexibility. Providing authentic sound & versatility, easily playable, grab it now !

Features :

  • 1710 guitar chord samples
  • 3 Velocity Layers
  • 3 Round Robin per layer for each chord
  • 2 guitar pickups, & more to come
  • Keyswitches for Keyboards AND Pads
  • Midi Learn & Automation
  • Kontakt Amp & Cabs
  • Filters – BP, HP, LP
  • 3 insert effects
  • Tape Echo & Modern Delays
  • Room, Hall, Plate & Convolution Reverbs
  • Special SEND FX Functions

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20 reviews for Le Skank – Reggae Guitar Chords

  1. c48ae31fe5e52ae12182e58deeb54a81?s=60&d=mm&r=g

    Michael Strelow (verified owner)


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  2. c48ae31fe5e52ae12182e58deeb54a81?s=60&d=mm&r=g

    Michael Strelow (verified owner)

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  3. bf106a07344a891c0ce4ec6bc2b4d67b?s=60&d=mm&r=g

    Julien T. (verified owner)

    Very good sound, does as described and does it well. I don’t give a 5 star because not resizable. I recommend this product

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  4. 349bb5bc9ad4a5e278b856510c806dc1?s=60&d=mm&r=g

    Eustace H. (verified owner)

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  5. 1218e76733adfe3a53f578705be8004d?s=60&d=mm&r=g

    Angelo M. (verified owner)

    Die beste Guitar für Reggae Music das macht einfach spaß damit. Für mich der keine Guitar spiel einfach super. Der Kundenservice ist großartig. Die Antwort war sehr schnell auf meine Fragen. Das Produkt ist sehr zu empfehlen.

    The best guitar for reggae music that is simply fun to play. For me, who doesn’t play guitar, it’s just great. The customer service is great. The response to my questions was very quick. The product is highly recommended.

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  6. 27062c7aef6a2fb8a5456c7bbd5a924d?s=60&d=mm&r=g

    Francesco (verified owner)

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  7. bcf5303ed5a09aa91a9090f7f0471648?s=60&d=mm&r=g

    Michael (verified owner)

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  8. e1d2c40fa9872714cfd088e128e691c4?s=60&d=mm&r=g

    Erroll Brice (verified owner)

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  9. 903dd11c57cfad34b05dab2a1e4b10a2?s=60&d=mm&r=g

    AUGUSTO (verified owner)

    Unfortunately it is built to work with only major and minor chords, which practically renders it unusable. It promises that it will be updated but it is not known when. For the moment it is a waste of money.

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  10. a73362144b919595d526ddbc22c5655a?s=60&d=mm&r=g

    Shad Bee (verified owner)

    This is not only extremely useful if you’re doing any kind of Rasta vibe, and much more- the skank lives in all types of music- it’s super fun to play, doesn’t take too long to figure out. I will probably overuse this thing but no one will ever know since it has so many different tones and character. Hopefully dev continues to develop, I can’t imagine what’s up his sleeve for this tool. So far it’s well worth checking out and a no brainer if you’re a dubhead. A very good price in my opinion. Thanks for this!

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  11. 3b51f2167a0088a591a71ba84d523fa9?s=60&d=mm&r=g

    Manabu (verified owner)

    In addition to the guitar and amp tones and the texture of the effects, the plug-in is also very easy to use. If you are not a guitarist and want to play reggae guitar cutting, this is the answer.

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  12. be850fe011a1a82aa1ae9c89a672db8c?s=60&d=mm&r=g

    John W. (verified owner)

    Appreciate Matt’s prompt reply but still waiting on a solution as Le Skank doesn’t seem to work in the latest version of Cubase.

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    • 6f7f5aef60e75d1aa11c96465e4dde9b?s=60&d=mm&r=g

      Matt (store manager)

      Found out what caused the bug : the issue came from the Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver.

  13. 3570d885b1dfe90ebdea1cafac16be8d?s=60&d=mm&r=g

    Rivalani K. (verified owner)

    This is a game changer, dope

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  14. 71f1b3531b7cd6bb91219b28b05b7a7e?s=60&d=mm&r=g

    Alexander S. (verified owner)

    Very good Plugin 😉

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  15. dd25ad31288da1fe58903b40dfd71fee?s=60&d=mm&r=g

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Customer service was good. Have alread created a couple of reggae tunes using the VST.

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  16. 8d0520395704964c587471423b0b4cbf?s=60&d=mm&r=g

    Kenneth Engeldal (verified owner)

    Sound OK

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  17. 72e736877f8df729c5ad53c026cbaf0f?s=60&d=mm&r=g

    Kamiel Schollaert (verified owner)

    Sometimes I get the feeling that it sounds very digital.

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  18. 2fd44181b063f23e35dd9832b48ffb5d?s=60&d=mm&r=g

    Nick Partis (verified owner)

    Can’t wait to get using it!

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  19. 955e44bdc894ba35de4136e85e72411d?s=60&d=mm&r=g

    Dirk Atherton (verified owner)

    Hey Matt, I purchased Le Skank guitar but I am still waiting for protools comparability. Will give you my thoughts once it’s available within protools. Can’t wait!!! Talk soon

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  20. 6e498b8d5a6a407fc8275c10a2df8d24?s=60&d=mm&r=g

    William C. (verified owner)

    Heard about this Plugin and tried out the demo. Found it so useful for so many genres I just had to pick it up! Just fun and always inspiring.

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