Le Skank

Unique Reggae Dub Guitar

Virtual Instrument for NI Kontakt Sampler Full
Standalone, VST, AU, AAX


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(VAT not applicable, Art. 293 B of the CGI)

Le Skank is a powerful Reggae Guitar Instrument powered by Kontakt, designed to bring you the real sound of a Reggae Rhythm Guitar. Featuring multi-sampled guitar chords plus a unique skankin’ engine specially created to give you maximum flexibility.

In Reggae Music the rhythm guitar usually plays on the offbeat of the song. The chords usually are dampened after striking so as to create a percussive short sound, which sound can be hard to get with classical virtual guitar instruments.

This is now over, welcome Le Skank.


The Roots Guitar

A complete Setup with FXs

Endless Sound possibilities

Easy Keyswitch System

All-in-One Skankin' Solution

  • 1710 chord samples
  • 3 Velocity Layers
  • 3 Round Robin per layer for each chord
  • 2 pickups
  • Keyswitches for Keyboards AND Pad Controller
  • Midi Learn & Automation
  • Kontakt Amp & Cabs
  • Filters - BP, HP, LP
  • 3 insert effects : Comp / Mod / EQ
  • Tape Echo & Modern Delays
  • Room, Hall, Plate & Convolution Reverbs
  • Special SEND FX Functions

What they say

Alien Dread
Alien Dread@Alien.Dread.Studio.UK
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I have been a reggae producer for many many years and have been waiting for someone to produce a Skank VST. I have to say I'm impressed... It works and sounds very good !
Monkey Marc
Monkey Marc@monkeymarcmusic
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Fantastic mate, well done ! Very well thought out and I love all the options​. Excellent work !
Earth Vibration Sound System
Earth Vibration Sound System@earthvibration
Read More
Sounds really nice, better than anything else I've tried !


  • Powered by the Kontakt Engine
  • Kontak 5 & 6 Versions Available
  • Requires Kontakt 5 (Full) ver 5.8.1
  • Requires Kontakt 6 (Full) ver 6.2.1
  • VST & StandAlone
  • 100MB disk space (compressed)

Not compatible with Kontakt Player.

Please check your version of Kontakt before buying.


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Tired of spending hours looking for the right reggae guitar loop which will match your song ? Me too. Few years ago I started making Reggae & Dub Music and I was disappointed to see there was no vst to get that particular skank sound…

So I decided to create it.

I sampled an ESP guitar with split-pickups to get homogeneous samples.

And here it is : A kontakt library for all reggae & dub producers !

You can go from old-school Reggae & Ska Music to the Sound of Modern Dub & Electro. It works great with HipHop & Trap too.

Skank it Yourself.
Dub it Yourself.
icon 5


Choose between LP, BP & HP filters and add modulation.

icon 7


All you need to create a great skank. Shape, modulate and spacialize.

icon 3


Special keys to switch between Major and Minor chords and to 'play' send FXs

icon skank


Set up your guitar tone : from dark & soft to bright & punchy.

icon 6


Add character with a Cab. There are 8 different Cabs from Kontakt, and the option to load your own IR samples.

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When you press a key, you strum the guitar down. When you release the key, you strum the guitar up.

The Kontakt 6 version of The Skank takes advantage of the newly integrated NI FXs.

Please note that Kontakt 5 FX will be slightly different. You can compare them here :

rack fx k5
Kontakt 5

2 Delays, Reverb + Convolution Reverb

rack fx k6
Kontakt 6

Tape delay, Digital Delay, 4 Reverbs + Convolution Reverb

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