Global view of Le Skank user interface
Le Skank guitar & amp details
Le Skank keyswitches details
Le Skank effects details
Global view of Le Skank user interface
Le Skank guitar & amp details
Le Skank keyswitches details
Le Skank effects details

Le Skank

The Only Reggae Guitar Chords Player


Meet SoundFingers’ best seller. This unique plugin gives you the authentic sound of reggae guitars! Play reggae chords right into your DAW.
Fully equipped with different pickups, a wide selection of amps and cabs, and a full effect rack. It offers everything you need to shape your tone.

  • Feel the authentic reggae vibe with every strum.
  • Play major and minor chords to easily match the mood of your song.
  • Enjoy rich sounds instantly with integrated effects.
  • Easily fit this tool into your creative process.
  • Craft the perfect tune for any moment with endless sound options.
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Realistic Reggae Guitar Chops

Le Skank introduces lifelike reggae guitar chops into your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), meticulously capturing the heart and soul of this iconic genre.

Explore unlimited possibilities with an intricate Amp and Cab selection system, featuring dozens of options for ultimate customization.

Shape your strumming with a unique envelope to match your creative vision.

Major and Minor Chords

Our unique FX KeySwitch system allows you to easily add depth and spice to your tracks with the press of a key :

Take full control of your composition by seamlessly switching between major and minor chords, and utilize the velocity modulators to control the strength and sharpness of your strumming.

All-In-One Package

Le Skank offers a complete effects rack and filter system.

Everything you need is right here – no need for extra plugins.

Experience an unprecedented level of customization and control.

Trial Available

Try it before buying it!

No USB Dongle

No USB or hardware dongles are required


1 license up to 3 computers
  • Windows 7 64-bits or later
  • VST3
  • Intel i3 2Ghz / AMD Athlon 64 X2
  • 4Gb RAM
  • 1.2 Gb free HD space
Audio Units AAX
  • MacOS 10.11 or later
  • VST3 / AU
  • Intel i3 2Ghz / Native Apple Silicon
  • 4Gb RAM
  • 1.2 Gb free HD space
Demo version available

The Demo version is the same as the full version, except that :

Sound stops after 1 hour
Saving presets is disabled
Previous work is not recalled on project opening

Marcelin Diarra

[Italian Review]
Buongiorno. Il prodotto e veramente ottimo. lo consiglio

[English Translation : Hi. The product is very good. I recommend it.]

Nick Partis

Can’t wait to get using it!

Lloyd Brown

Le Skank will give you Reggae chops for days.
The numerous settings/parameters included can and does refine you sounds in a plethora of ways.
I do like the sound and the other options available on Le Skank very much.
An ideal addition to your guitar plugin collection.

Lloyd Brown
Riddimworks Productions

William C.

Heard about this Plugin and tried out the demo.
Found it so useful for so many genres I just had to pick it up!
Just fun and always inspiring.


Invaluable for my Reggae Productions Great Presets to start the ball rolling After I Play Live Guitar I always leave this in to add some more depth Well Done SoundFingers & Matt

Kenneth Engeldal

Sound OK

Kamiel Schollaert

Sometimes I get the feeling that it sounds very digital.

Michael Abang

This Reggae Guitar VST actually creates a pretty realistic chank or chhhhka that will blend into your reggae mixes really well.
Really happy with it and everything you can do to shape the sound of it.
Obviously doesn’t quite beat the real thing because you can articulate the performance but if just need a disciplined channka or chhhhka to fill out the riddim section.

Neil Bloomer

Lloyd Brown’s review above is exactly in line with my own thoughts.
All Matt’s instruments sound just how you want them to, are great value, and the variations inside each are all wide-ranging and usable.

I am really exited about where the next developments will go.

Lyle Howard

Customer service was good.
Have alread created a couple of reggae tunes using the VST.

Carl Caulkett

This is a really well constructed plugin, with a wide range of preset sounds, covering a wide range of genres.
The reggae ones are especially good.
You can have hours of fun just jamming through your favourite delay plugin(s)

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Global view of Le Skank user interface

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