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BassTone is an easy and quick Reggae Bass guitar powered by Kontakt.

Its purpose is to deliver a nice and round bass sound in less than a minute. This instrument is not designed to replace a real bass guitar but it is a simple and affordable solution when it come to create a solid bass fundation.

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Including 2 famous Bass guitars, carefully sampled and processed, it features simple controls and allows you to setup your bass to fit your needs.

If you’re a Reggae or Dub producer, this library was created exactly for you. Of course it can also cover a wide range of styles as long as you need a big bottom bass sound.

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*No additional effects were used. More tracks to come…

I was never quite satisfied with other bass plugins I tried. I felt that there was always something missing : not enough low frequencies, or II got a fat sound but not enough high frequencies…

So now Reggae and Dub producers have a bass instrument they can rely on, and can spend more time making music rather than tweaking…

I sampled 2 famous Bass guitars : a P-Bass and a J-Bass at the Mascaron Studios here in Strasbourg.

You can go from a real and dry bass and add your own plugins to process it, to a more processed and fat sound to build your bassline.

There’s no life without a good bass sound


Not compatible with Kontakt Player.

Virtual Instrument for NI Kontakt Sampler Full Version
Standalone, VST, AU, AAX
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  1. LLOYD BROWN (verified owner)

    BassTone is a plugin that ticks a lot of boxes when it comes to one’s Reggae bassline needs.
    The ‘Glide’ feature is the absolute deal maker for me. With three bass/DI amp settings, coupled with a multitude of parameters to carve out your unique bass sounds, BassTone is an affordable and yet premier sounding bass instrument that has and will be featured in my current and future album projects

    BassTone – TUFF!!!
    Highly recommended

    Lloyd Brown
    Riddimworks Productions

    BassTone - Reggae Dub Bass BassTone – Reggae Dub Bass

  2. (verified owner)

  3. Neil Bloomer (verified owner)

    Same as the above comment, I bought Basstone on the strength of the performance of Le Skank and couldn’t be more pleased with it. A great range of presets which are perfectly suited to reggae music. I would be immediately interested in any future SoundFingers product.

    BassTone - Reggae Dub Bass BassTone – Reggae Dub Bass

  4. Bart Leblans (verified owner)

    I don’t now yet! I was so impressed with Le Skank I bought Basstone without even listening to any trailers. So I’m very curious to test this out. Even though I make mainly techno I’m so fond of these sounds from Soundfingers (and dub in general of course).

    BassTone - Reggae Dub Bass BassTone – Reggae Dub Bass

  5. Daniel Hogan (verified owner)

    The sub rumble is perfection.

    BassTone - Reggae Dub Bass BassTone – Reggae Dub Bass