Highly recommended.

Soundfingers suite of instruments and plugins are an essential ‘go-to’ ensemble of Reggae based software.
Keep up the good works Matt!
Highly recommended.
5 / 5
Lloyd Brown

Amazing Sounds

Amazing Sounds.
Le Skank is a game-changer for reggae production and the combination of sampled bass and synth offered by BassTone X is exactly what I needed for my tracks.
5 / 5
Haris Pilton

Bass Tone X is true bass monster !!

Bass Tone X is true bass monster !! Some of the deepest bass sounds I've ever heard. Simple to use with instant gratification.
5 / 5
Scott Yahney

A plugin that is both simple and complete

[French Review]
Un plugin à la fois simple et complet pour créer des basses profondes et variées. Parfait pour du reggae / dub mais de nombreux usages sont possibles. Les effets embarqués sont très utiles pour personnaliser le son sans devoir utiliser des plugins externes.

[English Translation : A plugin that is both simple and complete to create deep and varied bass. Perfect for reggae / dub but many uses are possible. The onboard effects are very useful for customizing the sound without having to use external plugins.]
5 / 5

Shaped for the reggae world !

One of my favorites bass plugin, shaped for the reggae world !
5 / 5

So simple and yet so effective.

A really well priced instrument combining bass with a sub synth to boost the low frequencies gives an excellent and realistic sound. The addition of a modulation section and a low pass filter together with a range of effects gives a lot of flexibility. I particularly like the ability to link the mod wheel into the effects or filters. So simple and yet so effective. Well done Soundfingers.
5 / 5

No equivalent !

A very usefull and affordable tool for Reggae and Dub ! For creation, composition and even production. No equivalent ! Good Job Sound fingers
5 / 5

It’s really usable

The price is Nice .... but the main thing is that it's really usable. Have many alternatives but the leightweight of soundfingers PLUGS are definitly the big PLUS here! Mostly use the 'Le Skank' to start with, the bass plus gives good options so also been used often.
5 / 5

Invaluable for my Reggae Productions

Invaluable for my Reggae Productions Great Presets to start the ball rolling After I Play Live Guitar I always leave this in to add some more depth Well Done SoundFingers & Matt
5 / 5

The best bass plugin I’ve heard so far

[German Review]
Das Beste was ich zur Zeit an Bass Plugin gehört habe vielseitig einsetzbar nicht nur für Reggae Bitte weiter so Matt Danke

[English Translation : The best bass plugin I've heard so far, versatile, not just for reggae Please keep it up Matt Thanks]
5 / 5

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