Take a look at my portfolio !

Hello, my name is Matthiew, I’m 35 and I live in France.

A little word about me :

I grew up with music and computers and I started making music years ago, mostly modern dub music. I didn’t own a guitar at that time and I was frustrated to see that I couldn’t find any guitar skank player. This kind of sound is hard to get by other means and I came up with the idea to create such instrument.

Back then, I had a time-consuming work so I couldn’t start my project until last year. I’m comfortable with computers, accustomed to graphics software and had notions with programming, so I learned KSP scripting and worked on combining all my skills into this project.

So here I am, designing, scripting, recording and sampling. I’m focused right now on Le Skank instrument and I’ll keep working on it but I plan to start other projects too.

Oh and did I mentionned I’m designing and managing my own website ?

I love what I do but I really enjoy designing UIs, creating elements and try to find the right spirit for the instrument.

Le Skank MKII - Design

front & FX pages


skank_v1.2_front design

This is what I wanted for this instrument : a kind of old mixer look to remind the early debuts of reggae in Jamaica, when they used old or DIYed hardware.
I think this version is more clear and logical, and follows the internal signal flow : guitar > filter > amp > FX.

I redesigned everything. Put textures on the background and made more defined controls

Le Skank MKI - Design

Main page & FX page


This was the 1st version of Le Skank. Not bad for a newbie but kind of messy and raw… but it works ! That was a small victory for me.

I was proud to achieve the ‘knob-over-knob’ trick (yeah I know, it’s not much but still…) but I really didn’t like the look of the reverb though…


Main page


front ui

This one is a simple sub synth. I own a Moog Minitaur and I wanted to see what I could do with it. It’s a simple instrument but I like its looks. I had fun designing it.


Prototypes of Le Skank from last year.

3D design - Portfolio

Aside from developing instruments, I’d like to create their corresponding 3D models. I’m quite comfortable with modelling but not so much with texturing and lightning. For now I’m focusing on finishing the upcoming update of Le Skank.