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Le Skank

Reggae Guitar Chord Player

Le Skank front 1.2.8 HD min
Compatibility : Win/MacOS - VST3, AU, AAX
  • Realistic reggae guitar chops into your DAW
  • Play Major & minor chords
  • Complete Amp, Cab & FX sections
  • Custom live playing system to change chords and stroke rhythm
  • Almost infinite sound design possibilities

A new day for
reggae producers

Also known as “Reggae Chop”, the guitar skank is an important part of reggae and dub music.

Due to its playing technique, this particular guitar sound is often hard to get with plugins, even some of the modern ones.

That’s why you need Le Skank.

Le Skank GUI highlight gtr amp min


The Guitar pickups and the Amp & Cab section are at the core of the instrument.

You can select the pickups of the guitar, change the Amp model and send everything into a dozen of different Cabs.

Don’t forget to tweak the special envelope to shape how you’re strumming the guitar. 

Unique Instrument.
Original Sound.

Le Skank is the only instrument which lets you play reggae guitar chords. Really.

Our DAWs are filled with sampled guitars, modelled guitars and other 6-strings plugins, but they certainly lacked an instrument like this one.

A very unique tool for all reggae and dub producers.

Dub it yourself. Now.


Discover an original and intuitive way of playing. With just 3 KeySwitches, you can play and switch chord tonality and strumming rhythm.

Make good use of the velocity modulators, which can control the strength of downstrokes and the upstrokes but also the sharpness of the strumming.

Le Skank GUI highlight playing min


Le Skank  gives you an instant Reggae vibe in your production budget. 

An ideal addition to your guitar plugin collection nonetheless


Lloyd Brown

Great Guitar Plugin for Reggae / Dub. Very fun to play in an instinctive way. The sound is great and the tools (Fx’s, etc) are great to achive an unique and distinctive sound. I recommend it.


Dubmaster Conte

The real deal. Only one of its kind and punches way above the price of admission. The flexibility is amazing, even with a decay control to make a slower or faster skank strum. Really impressed by this product and highly recommend. Can’t wait for v2. Cheers Matt!


Totally awesome… beats me hands down when as non guitar player I was struggling to record a single correct loop on my demos. Tried the demo version, then as I was totally satisfied I had to come here and buy it to support the developer. Big big up! Jah jah rules!


Skank without limits

Get started with the 50 built-in presets or start designing your own signature skank.

The possibilities are endless, whether you want a retro-sounding guitar from the 60’s, or a completely digital stab for your most modern electro-dub production, Le Skank got you covered.

Play it !



Le Skank offers a filter and a complete and effects rack.

You can setup everything right out of the box, no other plugin needed. Keep your workflow and tweak your skank with just a few clicks.

Make use of a unique FX keyswitch system to spice up your guitar track. Send your skank into the Delay or the Reverb with just a press of a key.

Walkthrough videos


  • Windows 7 or later
  • OSX 10.7 or later
  • Ready to be loaded into major DAWs (Cubase, Logic Pro, Reaper, BitWig, FL Studio, etc)
  • Win64 VST3 Plugin.
  • Mac VST3/AU Plugin.
  • (No AAX version yet)

v1.2.7 :

  • Improved : Samples loading time
  • Fixed : One sample was not mapped correctly

v.1.2.6 :

  • Added : A settings panel to allow relocating the samples folder and clearing all assigned MIDI CCs
  • Updated : The ‘Special Reverb’ algorithm
  • Updated : The Distance & Width FX parameters have been rewritten.
  • Updated : presets
  • Updated : some GUI default init values

v.1.2.5 :

  • Added : A ‘Mute’ parameter which allows to modulate the duration of the chord regarding the velocity input.
  • Added : A ‘Lock’ button which allows to browse the presets without changing the Maj/min/Rhythm setup.
  • Added : Different Amp simulations, accessible via a menu in the Amp & Cab section.
  • Updated : The ‘Velocity to Volume’ modulation system has been improved to be used in conjunction with the ‘Mute’ parameter.
  • Updated : The sample engine is now lighter but introduces a little loading time when swapping the guitar pickups.
  • Updated : The transient master now uses a better algorithm.
  • Fixed : The update notificator was not working properly.
  • Fixed : Some minor internal improvements have been made, and all presets have been updated.

v.1.2.4 : 

  • Fixed : The plugin would not produce any sound when using unusual ASIO audio buffer sizes.

v1.2.3 :

  • Added : Chord & Rhythm buttons are reset to the original state defined by the user, when stopping the playback in the DAW.
  • Improved : Amp Sim.
  • Fix : Velocity controls not working correctly.
  • Fix : Bug which made Le Skank impossible to play/bounce if the window was closed.

v1.2.2 :

  • Added : Notifications system for upcoming updates.
  • Added : Octave shift.
  • Fix : Keyswitches not working in some cases.
  • Fix : compatibility issues with Logic & FL Studio in some cases.
  • Fix : several minor bugs.

The Demo version is the same as the full version, except that :

  • Sound stops after 1 hour
  • Saving presets is disabled
  • Previous work is not recalled on project opening
Download Demo
Compatibility : Win/MacOS - VST3, AU, AAX


1-5 of 25 reviews
  1. This Reggae Guitar VST actually creates a pretty realistic chank or chhhhka that will blend into your reggae mixes really well. Really happy with it and everything you can do to shape the sound of it. Obviously doesn’t quite beat the real thing because you can articulate the performance but if just need a disciplined channka or chhhhka to fill out the riddim section. She go

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  2. Heard about this Plugin and tried out the demo. Found it so useful for so many genres I just had to pick it up! Just fun and always inspiring.

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  3. Hey Matt, I purchased Le Skank guitar but I am still waiting for protools comparability. Will give you my thoughts once it’s available within protools. Can’t wait!!! Talk soon

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  4. Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Can’t wait to get using it!

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  5. Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Very good Plugin 😉

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  • Once the Installer downloaded, launch it and follow the instructions.

    To authorize the plugin, simply enter your account credentials with your license key.

    If you’ve already downloaded the trial version, you don’t need to download it again.

  • No. The plugin version is free if you own the Kontakt version.

    Simply log into your account, add the plugin version to your cart and the product price will drop down to 0€.

    This way, you’ll have acces to both the Kontakt and plugin versions of your instrument(s) into your account.

Most likely your DAW needs it to be installed in the default location.

  • On Windows : C:/Program Files/Common Files/VST3
  • On MacOs : System/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components -or ~/VST3

If you’re facing this, either delete the plugin you just installed or move it to the location specified above.

This plugin is available in :

  • VST3 (MacOS and Windows)
  • AAX for ProTools (MacOS and Windows)
  • AU format (MacOs)


The plugins are built as Universal Binaries and should work fine on M1 chips. But I strongly encourage you to try the demo version of the plugin before buying it.

* (VAT not applicable, Art. 293 B of the CGI)

These prices may vary due to currency fluctuations.