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Another must have, for every producer on the planet. There are plenty of reverb plugins out there but here is a small list of the best ones available.

The plugins featured on this page aren’t listed in any particular order. Check out these plugins below and find more info about each one further down the page.

So now, let's see what we have here :

OrilRiver is one of the finest freeware reverb effects on the market, providing commercial-grade sound quality while being outstandingly well optimized for low CPU usage.

It delivers high-quality room and hall simulation with a wide range of adjustable sound engine parameters. The user interface is intuitive and the controls are easy to understand.

Here’s an in-depth video made by Higher HZ on Youtube :

Download : OrilRiver via KVR

MCharmVerb is a great sounding lush algorithmic reverb based on the MTurboReverb engine. It is quick, easy-to-use, perfect for mixing, mastering and creative production…

Convology XT is a free convolution reverb VST plugin developed by Impulse Record. It includes a collection of 70 impulse responses captured from a variety of vintage hardware units. Additional impulse responses are available for purchase on the developer’s website. More importantly, the plugin is capable of loading external impulse responses in WAV format.

In terms of its ability to modify the loaded impulse response file, Convology XT is the most advanced freeware convolution reverb VST plugin on this list.

OldSkoolVerb plugin implements a kind of “classic” stereo reverb algorithm which is technically simple yet optimal.  It also produces a very clear spatial image that blends well with the mix.

It features a comprehensive set of parameters permitting you to achieve various reverbs ranging from plate to room to hall reverb sounds.  OldSkoolVerb is best suited for non-percussive and soft-attack sounds like vocals, piano and pad sounds.

TAL-Reverb-4 is flexible, provides direct control over multiple algorithm parameters like modulation amount and rate, diffusion, and room size. This allows the user to customize TAL-Reverb-4’s plate reverb algorithm to better suit a wider variety of sound sources and mixing scenarios.

From bright, nearly slap-back echo, to elongated cavernous rumbles, this first partnership between Acon Digital and brings an entirely new ambience to your tracks. With just one knob, you can dial in short, bright reverb for a small room, up-front vibe, or long, dark reverb that places your mix in deep space.

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