Best Free Guitar VST Amp Plugins (for Le Skank)

This article lists free guitar amp VST plugins that you can use with Le Skank to expand its sonic possibilities.

Le Skank in itself packs all you’ll need to get a great sound, but you can do even more ! You have the option to bypass the Kontakt Amp & Cab simulation to use your own plugin.

In this article I’ll cover only Clean Amp Sims, as they are best suited for our purpose.

To use the plugins and get the right audio chain, let’s deactivate Kontakt Amp & Cab of Le Skank :

So now, let's see what we have here :

Based on Blue Cat’s premium Destructor and Axiom plugins, it offers three different models (Classic Clean, Classic Drive, and Modern Drive) but the one you want for your skank is obviously the Clean one.

Great quality plugin, easy to use and since v1.1 includes an IR loader.

With this one you have acces to a lot of sound shaping options. Are included : input gate, reverberation, cabinet simulation and convolution module.

An interesting feature is that you can also use it as a plain stereo convolution processor when its amp stage is turned off.


Download : Voxengo Boogex

Plug. Load Le Skank. Play.

Based on Kuassa Amplifikation One plugin, it features 3 channels: Clean, Rhythm & Lead. Only a few controlsto let the work flow…

Also includes a Cab IR loader.

Download : Amplifikation Lite

A free version of software giant IK Multimedia’s comprehensive guitar sim package, AmpliTube 5. You get started with 4 amps, cabinet & mic setup, and a FX Rack.

You can buy more amps in the custom shop and get some legend simulations : Fender, Marshall, etc… Amp prices begin at $25.

It’s a good all-in-one solution.

So this concludes this article about how to spice up SoundFingers’ Le Skank with different guitar sim plugins. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

If you don’t own Le Skank yet and you want to know more about it, click here :

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