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The music world is, for the most part a matter of collaboration, sharing and supporting each other. This article is a bit special because I’m not talking about one artists but a whole group of Dub lovers.

The artists I’m talking about are all from a facebook collective called How Do You Dub (of which I have the honor to belong). The group was founded in 2016 by High Burn  – aka Dub Inverter – with the aim to offer a place for mutual aid about Dubmaking.

From computer music to mixing techniques, hardware or music theory, this group offers his members to ask questions and share their knowledge.

The motto : Unity !

I wanted to talk about it because, each year willing members work together to release an album which you can buy to help a charity association they choose by vote.

This year the money goes to Eco-Charlie, an association with the aim of combating food waste and more broadly promoting eco-citizenship and living well together.

This is the 5th edition, and no less than 62 artists were involved in this year’s compilation album. A long list of great dubbers with a lot of nice stuff. Plus, for the good cause !

Click on the video below to have a taste of what’s inside !

I wanted to support these artists and the Eco-Charlie association, so I strongly encourage you to support them by buying the album : the best part is that you pay what you want ! The least amount is 1€. That’s really nothing so please visit the How Do You Dub page !

There are also a lot of good stuff on the website : tutorials by Jideh High and free samples. So don’t wait to check it out ! 

The website is in french but you can “right-click” on the page to translate it.

Thank you for your support !

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