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Producer Lloyd Brown

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Talented, productive and consistent. these three words perfectly describe famous Reggae vocalist, songwriter and producer Lloyd Brown.

He began his career in 1979 and, 26 studio albums and countless acclaimed hits later, he is today one of the most renowned UK Reggae producer and songwriter.

He made his debuts in 1979 by dee-jaying in “blues dances” before fully collaborating with London sound-systems. He was voted Best Reggae Newcomer with his vocal harmony group Sweet Distortion, but the band split up in 1987, which let Lloyd free to begin his solo career.

Since this day he consistently kept writing his own material, beginning with A Love Thing Love U Down and Stress, which topped the UK Reggae charts at that time. These first releases marked the beginning of numerous artistic collaborations, along with uninterrupted personal productions.

While appealing more and more fans around the world and creating his own label – Riddimworks Productions – he continuously kept releasing hits and albums, sometimes collaborating with other famous artists – Macka B, General Levy, Don Campbell, Peter Hunnigale Omar, Tanya Stephens, Patrick Anthony, to just name a few.

lloyd brown discography
Lloyd's discography

Along with his work in music production, he’s also released countless videos on his Youtube channel for the past years.

From past live performances and releases to recent collaborations, interviews, discussions, reviews, there’s nothing he won’t share. He gives his thoughts about certain topics: music production, creative process or more general thoughts on Reggae music. He also has some advices and tips on music making, he shoots audio plugin reviews and records interviews with major actors of UK reggae music.

Lloyd took part in countless projects during his career and it seems that nothing can stop him. He manages to release at least an album per year, combining roots reggae music with soul, R&B or HipHop along the way, producing videos on different matters and sharing his knowledge and experience about music production.

He is obviously not done yet and he’s definitely an artist to discover – if you haven’t yet – and follow, because there’s so much he has to offer. With his huge discography, his wide string of singles and critically acclaimed albums to his credit, no wonder why he is now hailed as one of UK’s best ever vocalist, songwriter and producer.

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